August 2, 2012

Walk, Walk, Fashion Baby

Hello everyone. It has been a super duper long update since the last one. Forgive my laziness because I was too busy with stuff in my life. Schoolworks, friends visiting, etceteras. Okay I think I really need to work on my blog more and more. As it is summer heels and sandals are essential for girls to decorate and show off their long beautiful legs. Recall from the past few years Céline had become popular and there were full of wooden Clogs on the street in summer (Now they are still popular!). 

Tired of wedges, wooden clogs, thick heels sandals? Here are some of my recommendations of summer shoes. Attention: Fashion is not comfortable. If you get comfortable, you don't get the look.

I am not sure if there are specific names for this specific type of heels, with very flat platform and thin heels, I come up with a name "super flat heels" for them.

Sandals from Givenchy with metal spike details in black

Alexander Wang metallic sandals. The features I love about these is, metallic, and the skinny strap at the front. These appear on a lot of snapshots in fashion week. They also come in black but, come on, who wants any more black in summer?

Alexander Wang, pointed toe heels, which give you a little bit of elegance and white is chic. They go perfect with almost everything, boyfriend jeans, floral skirts, white denim shorts... 

Chloé sandals in nude. I saw these Chloé sandals in Rumi Neely's blog, fashion toast, in the post about her personal shoes collections. These are just so her!

These heels are so painful to even look at, and they really are since it is so so flat at the front. Watch your steps! Oh BTW, make sure you have sufficient foot care and pedicure before you go on to the street with them.

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