August 6, 2012


New Zealand Fashion Week is on the way. The NZTV FOUR is holding a contest and the 2 winners will be heading to the Fashion Week to blog about the shows and report inside. It is such a great opportunity to be working in Fashion Week, meeting models and designers, snap-shoting people on street like Tommy Ton, and all the champagne (just kidding). I have always been fascinating about Fashion Week and fashion shows ,but however, one second thought I probably do not have the credential to call myself a "blogger". Anyway, back in the days when I came to New Zealand, I realised there is something special about New Zealand's fashion. It is not like brands such as Rick Owens, Givenchy or Balenciaga etceteras, so "untouchable". New Zealand's fashion is more durable in style, more sophisticated, and of course, cheaper in price. Now, I would like to introduce one of my favourite NZ brands, Stolen Girlfriends Club.

I first met this brand about 3 years ago when I bought a heavy, bulky, doll-like scarf in NZ and I loved their designs after I searched about this brand. The best thing is, they hold sample sale every year (although good things go very quickly and you have to try on stuff in front of people) which is crazy but fun in the same way. Here are some campaigns of Stolen Girlfriends Club

S/S 2011/12 Ad Campaign featuring dress with florat print by collaboration with Karl Maughan 

F/W 2012 Ad Campaign

Stolen Girlfriends Club has brought surprises and fun every year with music and cool styles in the all the fashion shows. Here is their famous supermarket show for the F/W 2011 collection.

And the latest S/S 2012/13 show

Really looking forward to their F/W 2013 show for NZFW this year! I am getting excited what they are gonna bring to the show, although I will only be watching videos and pictures online.

For more, please go to the official blog of Stolen Girlfriends Club.

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