August 3, 2012

Be Jewelled

Talk about men's fashion, boring, especially in summer. I am a super sweaty person and I hate wearing too much in summer. For people like me, other than wearing large printed tee or colourful stuff, you must need some accessories to make a little bit of fun on your outfit. It has become sophisticated that guys wearing jewellery. Yes jewellery not accessories meaning those shiny, glittering, extravagant necklaces or bracelets. Schield Collection was established in 2009 and their jewellery is made with precious materials and all made in Italy. The quality and creative yet contemporary design are what make the collection precious.  Here is the F/W2012 collection's campaign by fashion photographer Diego Diaz Marin.

It is not easy to wear these beautiful jewellery for men. White tee or shirt will match them very well. Let's see how the fashion blogger Pelayo Diaz carry the necklace.

from Pelayo's blog:

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