May 25, 2012

Introducing: Soulland

Soulland is a brand from Denmark and the interesting thing about this brand is they exclusively designed the Adler Fedora hat. What special about this Adler Fedora hat is that it has a felt hat top but a cap edge, which merges classic fedora hat and baseball cap. All Adler Fedora hats are made by hand in a factory in Copenhagen. The designer, Silas Adler, founded Soulland in 2002. At first it was only a small company and now it has been one of the successful and distinctive brand in the Europe.

See how the Adler Fedora hat is made here.

The other featuring design I like about Soulland is their prints. Soulland also put a lot of effort on their prints on clothing. In their latest collection, they have used rose prints all over the shirt and it comes with black and white and multi colours.

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