September 29, 2012

Disco Ball

Balmain showed their Spring Summer 2013 collection during Paris Fashion Week and as always there was a lot of extremely shoulder padded clothes going on which is the signature of the brand. The black and white diamond-shaped pattern actually reminded me of the 80s in Hong Kong where people wearing HUUUGGEEE shoulder pads and big round earrings, dancing on the dance floor in "disco" during that time. One of the highlights must be the embellishment and embroidery of the dresses. My favourite is probably the white, yellow and light blue dress with embroidery details, which is like an framed art piece. The other amazing thing must be the yellow/black printed total look. It is catching people's eyes. Other than these wild loud pieces, perfectly tailored pants and cropped tops put a little bit of elegance in the collection. All the features in this collection were vintage and extravagant at the same time and it made me think of the interior of an old European palace. Everything was very eye-catchy and sparkling. I am already seeing Anna Dello Russo wearing these beautiful pieces on street with her sooner available H&M pieces.

Photo courtesy of Vogue UK

September 27, 2012

Keep Calm and Take S***

I know what hygiene is all about. I swear I did not touch the toilet board with my trousers.

Sweater from ASOS

September 26, 2012

Modern Cultural Movement

Dolce & Gabbana brought a brand new era of print to the fashion world during Milan Fashion Week. The entire show had such a rich scent of Art and History. It was like being in a time machine and bringing us back into the Renaissance in Italy and the prints reminded me of paintings by Da Vinci although I know the prints were not extracted from his art works. All the prints and clothes were perfectly matched with the printed head scarves on models and made them really look like coming from the 14th to 17th century Italian farms or small towns (forgive my description, I am so bad at History) in a good way. It always inspires me how designers can bring vintage elements into modern designs even the fashion world is changing rapidly. Something seems being forgotten by people will always come back and it shows how great fashion design is. There are a lot of prints and bold colours in lots of fashion week shows this year. In Dolce & Gabbana, the prints were kind of mixture of Hermรจs's or Versace's even Givenchy's signature prints, which came out looking great, and I wonder how it feels in those dresses made with straw-like materials. The chunky earrings and colourful embroidered wedges show a touch of summer and make people welcoming seashore full of beach umbrellas.

Photo courtesy of Dolce & Gabbana

Watch the full show here:

September 19, 2012

London Calling

From my impression, I used to think that Burberry is for ladies and gentlemen (sign of maturity) and it baffles me why all my friends at the age of 18 would die for a Burberry trench coat. I personally seldom wear trench coat because I am not mature enough to handle it. Until I followed Burberry Prorsum a year ago, it gives me a whole new impression towards Burberry. With no doubt Burberry is a leader of British fashion, the history, the style, and the iconic check, etceteras, prove the place of Burberry in the industry. The Burberry Prorsum Spring/Summer 2013 show during London Fashion Week gives some new fresh looks for summer. Metallic and bold colours are the keys of the collection and I really admire how Christopher Bailey brings the brand into a new level with such brave and wild designs. Different transformations of trench coats and how they used colours are magnificent. I really like the sleeves of the oversized coat. The colourful transparent bags are also one of the highlights of the show. The collection is such an eye candy for London Fashion Week.

note: Fashion rule from Anna Dello Russo, "wear coat as a dress".

Photo courtesy of Burberry

Watch the full show in HD:

September 15, 2012


Oh My God I am obsessed with this Prada shirt with embellishment! Tell you that geometric shape is gonna be hitting the fashion trend. This actually reminds me of Marni, which play patterns very well.

Photo courtesy of Stylebubble

September 12, 2012

A Silky Summer

So, at the south-hemisphere, summer is coming although it has been raining for several days here. Silk shirt is one of the option for girls who still need some coverage on body since NZ is such a bloody windy country. Despite of neon and bright colours, summer should deserve some patterns. Equipment, a French brand which is famous for their high quality silk shirts. With a variety of prints and colours for selection and the texture of silk shirts is just flattering. In fact, silk shirts are "seasonal friendly" in New Zealand, you can wear silk either in summer or winter. Here are some shirts I would recommend for summer.

Start with some girly styles

Python print is gonna be real hot in 2013.

These "Vintage Versace" print is also a good choice. 

Colour blocking, but the colours are darker which would be more suitable for winter.

All images from Equipment

September 9, 2012

Kiss Kissed by Moochi

I went to Moochi at the fashion weekend and it surprised me that the show was amazing with Tali's splendid performance. As well as Moochi launching a new logo "XX" and showing some menswear, they have done a brilliant job in colours and patterns which I lurveee to see. When bright colours and patterns come on the runway I get excited. Models with blonde wigs and bright lips colours caught my eyes and the floral cap is probably a must-have item for the coming summer. The clothes were all about details and the back. Clean cut shirt, chained dress, silk printed shirt, neon chiffon and a lot of drapes, what's more? This show put a perfect end of my experience of fashion week this year and I should get back to school work on Monday. Reality is always cruel. SIGH!