May 25, 2012

Introducing: Soulland

Soulland is a brand from Denmark and the interesting thing about this brand is they exclusively designed the Adler Fedora hat. What special about this Adler Fedora hat is that it has a felt hat top but a cap edge, which merges classic fedora hat and baseball cap. All Adler Fedora hats are made by hand in a factory in Copenhagen. The designer, Silas Adler, founded Soulland in 2002. At first it was only a small company and now it has been one of the successful and distinctive brand in the Europe.

See how the Adler Fedora hat is made here.

The other featuring design I like about Soulland is their prints. Soulland also put a lot of effort on their prints on clothing. In their latest collection, they have used rose prints all over the shirt and it comes with black and white and multi colours.

May 20, 2012

Mint Fresh

Not sure since when mint colour becomes the new trend all around the world. As I know Lady Gaga's hair was dyed into green last year and this trend has started in summer. Accept it or not, Lady Gaga has some influences to contemporary fashion industries or even to the world. Here are some of my choices of mint or green.

Fast fashion brand American Apparel makes the best t-shirts. I am always a fan of AA. These lime and mint colour tees are just so cute for men.

Another fast fashion brand Zara got these lovely mint moccasins and viscose scarf. 

H&M comprised brand, COS, which I think it has shadow of Jil Sander, characteristics of clean cut and neat design. It is like a more expensive version of H&M yet cheaper version of Jil Sander. I have found a blazer in the COS online store, though such 'colour for grandma' is a bit difficult to carry for me.

Acne is a Stockholm-based brand famous of clean and simple designed apparel. The colour of this sweater is just the right mint for me. Unfortunately it is out of stock on the Acne online shop already.

Lastly.... see how the Olsen Twins rock with their hair!

May 19, 2012

Summer Print

The vast majority of fashionistas or people who love fashion are shopaholic. (No offense, personal opinion.). Sometimes they receive a bunch of flyers, shopping guides, new arrivals notice, from all the online stores, which cause your mailbox confronting with this 'fashion bomb' every day. It is somehow a joy to read these though and I have just received an email from Lane Crawford and saw this eye-catching Obsedia mini leather bag by Givenchy. 

This bag is from the 2012 summer collection of Givenchy featuring prints of Bird of Paradise Flowers, perfect choice for the summer. Although it is turning winter here but who doesn't love colours? The metal cross detail in the middle has the brand name embossed.

More details of the bag

It also comes in black with a metal strap. More 'heavy metal' and 'rock and roll'. 

If I could choose I would take the one with prints on since recently I am in love with all floral prints and vintage prints. For those who are big fan of Givenchy, take action, I am sure it won't last long. 


This is going to be a brand new start. People say a goal without a plan is just a wish, so why don't I open a blog? A blog to share what I love about fashion, or where everyone can share their thoughts about that. (Coincidently it's 3:15AM when I checked my phone, which is just the same as this blog's name.)