October 1, 2012

What You See Is What You Get

Since Raf Simons left Jil Sander I was a little bit sad but also looking forward to what he is going to give and wow people in Christian Dior. Raf Simons had shown his Dior debut during Paris Fashion Week. At first I saw the photo from the show, I was like, so "Jil Sander". I could smell a little bit of his Jil Sander's style and design (it should probably be Raf's signature but I just don't know why I categorised like that) but however when the tailored suits and dresses and those wide puffy floral gowns came up I also felt the edge and femininity of Miss Dior. As for Spring Summer, Raf had used a lot of strpies and electric colours in the collection which I love and that was the part I saw a shadow of "Raf's" Jil Sander. Tailored blazer worn as dress gives women an cool yet sexy look. Also, the dresses are covered with a layer of coloured see-thru material that makes the prints and the dress itself more dynamic and the material kind of changed in colours with the model's movement. The pointed toe stilettos has probably got on the buy list of all "it" girls.


Photo courtesy of Vogue UK

Watch the full show here:

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