October 8, 2012

A Shining Light

"Clothes don't have gender". I think it is most of the fashionistas' theory of being fashionable. However, wearing women's fashion without looking feminine is a challenging task and guys always blame that women's clothes are more glamourous, more extravagant, more good looking than men's. It is also hard to mix and match clothes without exaggerating. Francesco Cominelli, ex Vogue Homme International editor, was always photographers' favourite in fashion week. His ability of styling is undeniable and he had become my idol when I first looked at his snapshots. His looks are so so good in photos and it looks effortless to wear but somehow there are a lot of details he took care of. He will be long living in our heart, with love and blessing (He was found dead on 8th October, 2011).

Photo courtesy of Tommy Ton from Jak and Jil


  1. he has a great wardrobe & set of suits/jackets! love getting inspiration from jan & jil, thanks for sharing!

    a coy perspective

  2. Gorgeous photos. He is definitely a style icon. I love the jacket in the second photo. xx