September 7, 2012

Underground Party

It was a privilege to attend the show for me since I am such a big fan of SGC. Dead End, the title of Stolen Girlfriends Club's Fall Winter 2013 collection. The show was held at a carpark (My guess from all the marks and numbers on the floor) which makes the "party" even more unique and special. Holding a fashion show in such kind of abandoned location with dusty spider nets on walls gives a more intense atmosphere and people were so excited with what is coming next. Start off with an announcement and people remained seated. When the spot lights were turned off, we were told to hold on our mobiles with the screens on and a starry night lasted for 90 secs. Spot lights on models and the show started. It was more like a party than a show. People were all having fun and yelling, what I call a "SGC" style. The clothes and stylings state a mixture of contemporary street style; sporty chic, bright colours, and the SGC featured prints and patterns and I am so buying the crocodile-skin-like leather biker jacket. Hair and make-ups were done by the inspiration of cartoons and aliens with those green and pink eyeshadows. The crowd had not gone even the show finished and people were all having fun. I guess for most people the open bar probably is the 2nd-best thing of the show.

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  1. These are all beautiful photos. The outfits worn were all amazing!

    Much love from the SABO SKIRT girls!