September 6, 2012

Into the Wonderland

It is fashion week in New Zealand and the Trelise Cooper's Fall Winter 2013 show last night in the Viaduct Harbour brought all the fashion people to the Wonderland. The show started with a background full of golden balloons caught all the sight and models started coming out with some sweet girly clothes and looks. Then, the balloon background got moved away and what was behind was a gothic dark glowing wall which is like a church's windows in a thunder night. Dark, mature and more gothic looks and hair make-ups were shown. It felt like good girl gone bad from the styles and hair and make-ups shown. At the finale Trelise came out with two models wearing her glowing 3D floral dresses put a wrap on the show. I was shooting at the media platform as I enrolled in a project held by the Contemporary Photography Foundation and it has been an amazing experience. Everyone was so professional and enjoying themselves in the show and I met two friends from the same Uni as mine. I honestly felt so grateful to be shooting in a private show of Trelise Cooper.

Start with all those glowing goodie bags

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