September 9, 2012

Kiss Kissed by Moochi

I went to Moochi at the fashion weekend and it surprised me that the show was amazing with Tali's splendid performance. As well as Moochi launching a new logo "XX" and showing some menswear, they have done a brilliant job in colours and patterns which I lurveee to see. When bright colours and patterns come on the runway I get excited. Models with blonde wigs and bright lips colours caught my eyes and the floral cap is probably a must-have item for the coming summer. The clothes were all about details and the back. Clean cut shirt, chained dress, silk printed shirt, neon chiffon and a lot of drapes, what's more? This show put a perfect end of my experience of fashion week this year and I should get back to school work on Monday. Reality is always cruel. SIGH!

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