May 19, 2012

Summer Print

The vast majority of fashionistas or people who love fashion are shopaholic. (No offense, personal opinion.). Sometimes they receive a bunch of flyers, shopping guides, new arrivals notice, from all the online stores, which cause your mailbox confronting with this 'fashion bomb' every day. It is somehow a joy to read these though and I have just received an email from Lane Crawford and saw this eye-catching Obsedia mini leather bag by Givenchy. 

This bag is from the 2012 summer collection of Givenchy featuring prints of Bird of Paradise Flowers, perfect choice for the summer. Although it is turning winter here but who doesn't love colours? The metal cross detail in the middle has the brand name embossed.

More details of the bag

It also comes in black with a metal strap. More 'heavy metal' and 'rock and roll'. 

If I could choose I would take the one with prints on since recently I am in love with all floral prints and vintage prints. For those who are big fan of Givenchy, take action, I am sure it won't last long. 

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